Hello, I'm CJ

I created Vibing Social because I am committed to making it easier for purpose-driven brands to develop a thriving business that’s about more than just making money.

Having set up my own online businesses over the last five years, I understand the importance of achieving consistent results

Creating a venture that achieves a wider mission takes drive and determination, and you don’t need social media overwhelm to distract your focus. 

After years of travelling solo and working with all kinds of businesses striving to make a difference, I knew I wanted to do something more meaningful with my life. That’s why I choose to work with purpose driven brands who dare to dream of creating a wider impact.

With my knowledge and experience (and proven results), I can teach you how to get great results from social media advertising, or I can manage your Facebook and Instagram advertising for you— freeing you up to achieve all the incredible things that you’ve set out to do. 

The world needs more brands that care, and I am making it my mission to make sure they reach the right people and increase their sales through the power of paid social media.

If you think you could benefit from us working together, let’s talk

I love purpose driven brands who dare to dream...

Why am I a safe bet for your business?

My background in human psychology, marketing and data science, gives me special insight into Facebook and Instagram advertising. I know what makes people stop and click, and I know how to interpret the data to help you scale and grow
I’ve started three online businesses and understand the highs and lows and the importance of achieving consistent results
As a paid member of some serious ad buyer groups, I continue to keep my knowledge up to date, providing you with the very best service.

Get to know me better?

Business Values

Trust, honesty, curiosity, creativity and passion

Dream travel destination?

Trekking in Nepal & Bhutan

Instagram or Facebook?

Both, but I can mostly be found on Instagram

Favourite quote?

"Don't count the people you reach. Reach the people that count." David Ogilvy

Ideal Sunday?

A walk in the countryside or exploring somewhere new, eating delicious food, reading or watching a film, snuggled up under a blanket with a cup of mint tea

Ready to grow?

Client love...

The Good Vibe

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