Unsure how to unlock Facebook’s advertising potential?

Stressed out about the thought of running paid campaigns?

Concerned about making the wrong investments and not getting the results you need?

Don’t worry. I’m here to take all of that away for you. 

As a Facebook Ads expert, my training and coaching packages give you the skills and confidence you need to run successful ad campaigns, to build your brand and sell more. 

And, if you don’t have the time to do that, I can do it all for you, investing your money in the best way possible to get the results you need. 

What support do you need?


Facebook ads done with you


Facebook ads done for you

It’s the results you get that make all the difference

Whether you’re entrusting me with your learning or managing your ads and budgets for you, results matter. Mine speak for themselves.


Facebook Ads Training

Get all the tools and know-how to run your own successful Facebook ad campaigns with my tailored training and coaching options: 

Bloom VIP Day


A whole day together to work through all your ad worries, set your strategy, build your campaigns and get you on the right track for ad success – and quickly. Zoom and email support for an additional two weeks is included with this package.

Visit the


A 1-1 online consultancy session for 60 minutes where you set the agenda. 

Nurture & flourish


This package includes a 90 minute training session plus three additional 30-minute Zoom sessions to run through any questions you have, for up to 4 weeks after the training. You will also get access to help sheets to assist you in your Facebook advertising journey.

Foundations mini-course


If you’ve never run Facebook ads before and you are thinking about running them in the future, a great place to start BEFORE you start spending money on ads is my mini-course. Over 5 modules and 20 bitesized videos, you will learn how to get the correct foundations in place so you can start running profitable ads – including getting your pixel on your website!


£699 pcm

for a minimum of two months

If you are already running your own ads, but you aren’t getting the results you’d hoped for, this option could be perfect for you. You will have my expert advice on hand with 3 hours of Zoom calls each month and ongoing email support. I will also have access to your ads manager, so I can keep on top of your campaigns and really help to drive them forward. This is the closest option to my full ads management service, but at a lower cost.

Grow Together


6 x 30 minute Zoom sessions

Similar to my ‘Mini-Management’ Service but I won’t have access to your ad account outside of our calls together. This service is perfect for you if you are currently running ads and would like a little guidance along the way. As part of this consultancy package, you will get my expert eye across six 30 minute Zooms, where we will take a look at your ads together – either building the campaigns for success, reviewing the data or discussing strategy, creative and copy.

Not sure if Facebook ads are right for your business?
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Facebook Ads Management

All your Facebook advertising fully managed by me; freeing you up to focus on the bits of your business that you enjoy.  Managing your advertising campaigns is a very personal service – after all, you’re trusting your money to me. That’s why it’s vital that I only work with clients who are the right fit.  There are no guarantees with what I do; many factors influence social advertising outcomes, and success looks different for everyone. That’s why I will never promise something I can’t deliver, and I ask for your patience as I get to work, testing and optimising. 

How it all works...

Step One

discovery call

A free call to check we are a good fit, a look at what you are trying to achieve and for me to explain the process for you.

Step Two


You’ll get a tailored proposal outlining my role and the approach I’ll take. Once accepted, I’ll then send you my initial invoice, and we’ll be ready to get started. 

Step Three

business review 

Understanding your business and what you need gives me the best chance of success. To make this quick and easy, you’ll get an in-depth business review questionnaire to complete looking at your current marketing strategies, target audience, key selling points etc. We’ll also talk through sales funnels and lead nurturing, helping to make sure everything is in place to turn new leads into paying customers. 

Step Four

set up

I will make sure your ads manager is set up correctly and get to creating your audiences and detailed targeting. I will look at your pixel set up, event codes, tracking and more.

Step Five

build, test, optimise, scale

I’ll build and test all your campaigns’ elements to understand what works for your audience and goals. It can take a little time, but once I’ve found your ‘sweet spot’, I can optimise the ads and scale as needed.

Step Six


I monitor your ads daily making any necessary change to ensure success and make sure your audience don’t get tired of seeing the same thing. I’ll keep you informed along the way with monthly calls to show you how your ads are performing and advise you on any changes that need to be made.

Please note, you’ll need a minimum budget of £2500 per month for us to work together and my fees are dependent on scale and ad spend.

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