Are you ready to run Facebook ads? 6 signs that the answer is YES!

Have you been thinking about running Facebook and Instagram ads for your business? If so, I don’t blame you. With over 2 BILLION users, Facebook advertising offers an incredible way of finding and engaging new customers. But how do you know if your business is ready to advertise on Facebook and Instagram? Here are six tips to help you answer that very question! 

1. You are ready to invest

Facebook and Instagram advertising is a long game. It takes time for the Facebook algorithm to find people who are aligned with your advertising goals (e.g sales or email sign ups). 

If you have limited funds to invest in the marketing of your business, Facebook ads may not be for you right now, although the tips below can help you prepare for when your business is ad ready.

If you are ready to invest, then read on and start actioning my tips as soon as you can.

When I work with my management clients, I always work on an initial 12 week contract so I have the time (and budget) to test what works and what doesn’t. E.g Does your audience respond better to a video ad or a still image? Do they prefer short copy over long copy? Do they resonate better with a ‘Shop Now’ or a ‘Learn More’ call to action (CTA)? 

To find a winning formula for your ads, you need to test different elements of the campaign, e.g:

  • Creatives (images, videos, carousels, gifs)
  • Ad copy (short, medium, long)
  • Ad formats / placements
  • Call the actions
  • Website landing pages 

Once the initial testing has been completed, we continue testing, but we have a much better idea of what to expect and how to spend the monthly budget.

“But how much is this going to cost me?”

My advice is to have a minimum ad spend of £800 per month, but preferably £1,000 per month or more. Please keep in mind that for those first 12 weeks of testing, you may not see a profitable return on your ad spend. 

If you are new to Facebook ads, I would suggest investing in training to ensure that you are set up for success. I would also recommend asking a professional to help you with the set up, such as installing your Facebook pixel. These foundation steps are critical to the success of your ads – please do not run ads until you have all of these steps completed. Don’t know where to start? Let me help with my ‘Get your biz ad ready’ training. 

If the idea of running Facebook ads fills you with terror, I can take all the stress away and manage them for you. You can book a free discovery call with me here. 

Facebook ads results

RED FLAG: The biggest deciding factor for ‘is my business ready to run Facebook ads’ is money. If your business will suffer if the ads are not profitable, or you might not be able to pay your bills that month, DON’T DO IT. There are no guarantees with ads and trust me, you don’t need the extra stress of failing Facebook ads. Instead, look at ways to grow your business organically, using the tips below to guide you.

2. You know your audience

To run successful advertising campaigns, you need to know your audience better than you know yourself! This knowledge informs everything you do; from targeting (who to show your ad to) to the copy itself (see next tip). 

E.g If you are an eco-friendly cleaning brand – are your loyal fans repeat customers because they want to reduce their plastic waste or do they love your products because you use 100% natural ingredients that are toxin free and safe for the family?

Using the examples above, you can see that they are two very different types of customers requiring different targeting criteria with different copy, focusing on different USPs (unique selling points). 

This is so important to the success of your ads because when you speak to everyone, you speak to no one. Get clear on WHO you are selling your products to and create your ads accordingly. 

Facebook advertising targeting

3. You know your offer and USP

As with the previous tip, you need to have a crystal clear idea of your offer, value proposition and USP. What are you offering, how can your product add VALUE to someone’s life and what makes you different? 

The best offers appeal to the emotion led inner mind. Go beyond the functional benefits and price point. Create a solution for them even if they are unaware of the problem. 

E.g. Your product is a LED dog collar 

  • The functional benefits are: Good battery life, strong LED lights, comfortable for the dog
  • The emotional led benefits are: This collar could save your dogs life

Having a clear idea of your value proposition is directly tied to the success of your Facebook ads, because it informs your ad copy and creative as well as your tone of voice and website landing pages. It is at the core of your marketing messaging and needs to be refined before it can be elevated using Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Facebook advertising goal

4. You have a sales funnel in place

Facebook ads never work on their own. In fact they are one small cog in the whole marketing mix – and housing all those cogs is your sales funnel. 

E.g. If you are looking to grow your email list using Facebook advertising, do you have systems in place to nurture those new subscribers?

  • Do you have a lead magnet or offer?
  • Do you have a dedicated landing page for that offer with minimal distractions?
  • Do you have a call to action button so people can opt-in to your email list?
  • Do you have a thank you page that explains what your visitors can expect once they’ve opted in?
  • Do you have a welcome email sequence to nurture your new subscribers?
  • Do you send out regular newsletters to keep those subscribers engaged?
  • Do you have systems in place to upsell to your email subscribers?
  • Do you have tracking enabled on your website e.g your Facebook pixel

If you are running ads to grow your sales online, consider:

  • If people add to their cart, do they see a second ad nudging them to buy? Perhaps offering a discount? This is where your Facebook pixel really comes into play!
  • Do you send abandoned cart emails?
  • Do you have upsells or cross sells at the checkout to increase your AOV (average order value)?
  • Do you utilise discount codes for repeat purchases?

By employing a sales funnel when you run ads, you are nurturing new leads to become customers, and then repeat customers, which means you will see a much better return on your ad spend. 

5. You are active on your organic socials

Having engaged socials before you start running Facebook advertising is SO important for many reasons:

  • You can test out different content organically to see what resonates with your audience. Once you have a clear idea on this, you can then use your best performing posts in your ads to reduce your ad costs
  • Facebook’s primary concern is creating a great user experience and they take your organic socials into account for that. In fact they give your Facebook account a ‘Quality Score’ ranking it out of 5. Five being great, one or below being bad. If your score is low, Facebook will reduce your ability to reach new customers with your ads, or restrict your ad account entirely. This is to ensure their users are getting the best experience possible. Low scores also impact your advertising costs, punishing you with high CPMs (cost per 1,000 impressions).
  • When people see an ad from a business they don’t know or trust, they will investigate your website, reviews and organic socials. If it is like a ghost town on your Facebook page or Instagram account, chances are they won’t complete the action you want them to. 
  • With an engaged Facebook page and Instagram account, you have the benefit of social proof (people liking, commenting and sharing your content). Social proof works by tapping into the basic human instinct of following the actions of others, building trust and credibility, and lowering the barriers for making a purchases online.⁠

If you are not hugely active on your socials – START NOW. Get into the routine of posting regularly, testing different content and showing your beautiful face, because as we all know, people connect with people. 

Facebook and Instagram advertising

6. Your website already converts

The success of your Facebook advertising doesn’t just rely on the Facebook or Instagram ad itself – it relies on the whole customer journey. If your ad is brilliant and convinces people to click through to your website, but your website page load speed is slow or your checkout process is clunky, people will bounce off and return to Facebook straight away. 

And here’s the thing – Facebook sees that and believes that the user experience is poor which is a huge no-no, because the platforms ultimate goal is to give people a brilliant user experience, Facebook will punish you by showing your ad to fewer people

Before you start running Facebook and Instagram ads, take a look at your website and ask yourself:

  • Is the conversion rate above 3%? (if it is not, the points below should help increase this)
  • Is the page load speed below 3 seconds (ideally 2 second) – use Pingdom to help you with this
  • Is your website mobile friendly? Can users easily navigate around it on their mobile?
  • Is the checkout process easy and intuitive?
  • Are there multiple payment options?
  • Is your website text clear and easy to read?
  • Are you utilising reviews and social proof?
  • Are you utilising upsells and cross sells at the checkout?
  • Do you have multiple payment options available? 
  • Do you have an email pop up? Does it show as soon as the page loads? Studies show that a delay of 6 seconds or more could see a huge boost to your conversions!

Get all this right and you could be seeing results like these…

Facebook advertising results

I hope that is helpful in answering some questions you may have had about Facebook and Instagram advertising for your business. If anything is unclear and you would like to speak further, please send me a message here. 

If you would like to find out more about how to get started with Facebook and Instagram advertising or speak to me about ad strategy, management, training or consultancy, please book a free discovery call with me here.

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