£24,000 in sales in 5 weeks: Using Facebook and Instagram Ads to drive revenue

Oliver + Alexander

The Brand

Oliver and Alexander is a small online clothing business with a focus on positive empowerment. After launching in September 2020, founder Natalie reached out to me through a recommendation from an industry expert, to assist her with her Facebook and Instagram advertising.

With Vibing Social onboard to manage Natalie’s ad campaigns, Oliver and Alexander generated over £24,000 in sales from a £2000 ad spend in just 5 weeks.

This is how it happened…


The Brief

Natalie Testimonial

After achieving successful Facebook and Instagram advertising for her first business (The Baby Led Weaning App), Natalie took to running ads for her second business, Oliver + Alexander. But with the fierce competitive market of children and womenswear, Natalie felt that she was unable to achieve an impressive return on her investment.

After I was recommended to Natalie by a highly respected Facebook Ads specialist, Natalie reached out to me.

Her brief to me was simple but it would involve laser focused targeting, and scroll stopping creative and copy in order to break through the noise and stand out from the competition. As a young business, the focus of the campaigns was to generate sales and increase Oliver + Alexander’s brand presence through paid advertising.

The Strategy

  • Facebook Ads Preview
  • Facebook Ads Preview
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Before I started building the campaigns, I had a lengthy call with Natalie to discuss her business goals and target market. I also asked her to complete an in-depth Business Review Questionnaire so I could understand completely what was important to the brand and what pain points O&A answered for their customers.

Using multiple conversions campaigns, we drove traffic to two distinct sections of the website – womenswear and children’s clothes.

We knew our ideal clients would be both Instagram and Facebook users so I made sure that I created a collection of imagery to fit the varying placement sizes, using the the offers and business USPs as our main hook.

We weren’t sure which audience would respond the best or which creative would resonate the most with the audiences, so I created multiple iterations of each (video, photos and carousels) to test.

After watching the data and making adjustments according to the campaigns, I soon found the ‘Sweet Spot’

The Results

  • Return On Ad Spend
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The O&A Campaigns exceeded client expectations and resulted in:

£ 0

in sales in 6 weeks


purchases in 6 weeks

£ 2.5

per result

£ 2.4

per 1,000 impressions

The campaign delivered an average x12 ROAS (return on ad spend), and:


Impressions to date


Reach to date

What does Natalie say?

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  • client business success

I thought I knew what I was doing with Facebook ads, turns out I don’t!

After running a successful app business for five years, I decided it was time to expand my horizons and launch a new small business. It’s a business I am very passionate about with a percentage of proceeds to be donated to mental health charities.

I spent the first couple of months throwing my advertising budget down the drain, scratching my head as to why my ads were not converting. I had invested a lot of money into stock and desperately didn’t want my new business to fail, so I decided I needed some professional help.

Cj was recommended to me by another well-respected ads specialist I trusted. Knowing a little about ads, although clearly not enough, I knew Cj meant business whilst talking things through on our discovery call.

Cj and I have now been working together for three months, and the results have been incredible, and they continue to get better as she monitors, tweaks and refines.

From my time working with Cj, it’s clear she is passionate and very talented in advertising and social media. She is also organised, a huge benefit for someone like me who is not, and treats ad spend with the utmost respect.

Without the help of Cj, I would still be worrying and wasting money. Investing in her services was the best decision I have made for my new business.”